Frequently Asked Questions

I have questions about Weddings...

Rather than try to explain everything in a short paragraph, we have created an information sheet about weddings at Christ the King.  Please click here. Any other questions may be directed to the Church Office.


Who is welcome at communion? 

We practice "open communion" at Christ the King. Everyone who is baptized and believes that Christ gives us what he promised in the sacrament, namely the forgiveness of sins, is welcome at the Lord's Table. We commune adults and children who commune in their home congregations.  Children who do not yet commune are welcome to come forward for a blessing. 

Each year, in January, we have a communion instruction event for all 2nd - 5th graders wether or not they have celebrated their First Communion. After this event and with prayerful family discussions, parents may encourage their children to celebrate their First Communion. First Communion Sunday is typically the second Sunday in February.


What do I do when I go forward for communion? 

An usher will let you know when it is time for your row to go forward. When the people who have just communed leave after being blessed you may come forward to the communion rail. We fill in the communion rail from the outside in towards the middle. If you are not able to kneel feel free to stand. The pastor and communion assistants will come by distributing the bread and wine (or white grape juice, which is in the middle of the tray). Children who are to receive communion may indicate that by putting out their hand. When the pastor blesses the "table" you may stand up and return to your seat by the side aisle.


Are there restrooms? 

Yes, there are restrooms located down the stairs immediately to the south of the entryway. For those with limited mobility, the elevator will take you to the Fellowship Hall level where additional bathrooms can be found.


What about children? 

Children are welcome in our worship service. Each week there is a special message just for children. They may even come back to the pew with a snack or something fun.


How do I know what to do during worship? 

The bulletins we print each Sunday include practically everything you need to know. We use about six different forms of worship throughout the year; depending upon the season. We print them fully in each Sunday's bulletin so you probably won't find yourself getting lost. Everything that is said by the congregation is printed in bold print.


Where do I find the hymns? 

Most hymns are found in our hymnal, Evangelical Lutheran Worship. If we use a hymn that is not in the hymnal it will be printed in the bulletin.


What is the "Passing of the Peace"? 

Following the prayers and before the offering, we "Pass the Peace." This entails shaking hands and greeting one another with a blessing such as "Peace be with you", or merely, "God's peace." We do get out of the pews and move around a bit at this time and it can be a bit overwhelming if you don't expect it. Don't be surprised when someone shares this gift of grace with you. We are also mindful of health issues so sanitizer is available in every pew.


What do we do at the end of the service? 

At the end of the service our ushers dismiss the congregation row by row. This makes it feel more like a wedding than trying to get off an airplane. Those who need to leave quickly are welcome to go when they are ready. Most Sundays we have coffee following worship in the fellowship hall. Other Sundays we may even have lunch! Please join us!


How do I become a member? 

Christ the King welcomes new members. To become a member is simple. If you give us your name and address and ask to get mail we will put your name on a mail box for regular correspondence(newsletter, that sort of thing) and also include you in mailings that get sent out. Anyone who attends a few times a year and makes a financial contribution of record can become a member. (That's what we ask of people who are members.) 

If you decide that you would like to make your relationship with the congregation formal, know that you don’t need to be a life-long Lutheran, just someone seeking a closer relationship with Jesus. Since, each person has something unique that has brought them to Christ the King, instead of classes in history and doctrine, we like to do what Jesus did... share a meal. You'll be asked to share a meal with the pastor and a few other people so that you can ask your questions (even if they are about history and doctrine) and share your stories. Then we pick a Sunday to formally introduce you to the congregation.